What I found in working with Glad was more than another set of eyes to review my content. She also WANTS my business to succeed as much as I do!
Glad has an incredible ability to get inside my head to help me form and shape what I want to say. Most importantly, she ensures my content is written in MY authentic voice, only polished!

If you are looking for someone to help you enhance your content AND maintain your authentic voice, I cannot recommend Glad highly enough!

She rocks!

- Robbin Jorgensen

President and Founder of Ignite the Next
Speaker, Coach & Mentor to women who are
ready to transform their lives and the world.

When it comes to copywriting and editing, Glad is insightful, intuitive and nothing short of a miracle worker. She transformed 122 blog posts into my first book! 

But, what I appreciated even more was her willingness to get in the trenches and help me navigate the rugged terrain between “I have a blog” and “I wrote a book.”

hired an editor. What I got was a partner, a cheerleader, a sage and a fan.

Thanks so much Glad. My first book wouldn’t be what it is without you.

- Brook Kreder

Author/Blogger/ Storyteller

If you are looking for someone who can read your mind and write what you meant to say, Glad Doggett is your gal. She is creative, responsive, heartfelt and fun.

Glad makes the writing process a pleasure. With her guidance, I have written over 20 blogs and finished my book! I highly recommend Glad.

- Dr. Starla Fitch


It’s as if Glad looks into a crystal ball and sees into my brain.

She transformed me from a scared, baby blogger into a fierce, confident blogger. Now, I clearly communicate with my ideal clients. My copy consistently reaches exhausted, frustrated corporate women, and helps them find fulfillment beyond money, title, power and recognition.

Glad is incredible. Thank you, Glad!

- Nozomi Morgan

Authentic Success Coach