Top 10 Tactics To Promote Your Posts

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“What do I need to do to ensure my blog posts get the most exposure to the right people?

I get this question a lot when I start working with people.

Here’s a quick list of 10 action steps you can take TODAY to instantly get your posts in front of more people:

10 Tactics To Get Your Posts Noticed

1. After you publish your blog post, manually share it on Twitter, Google + , Linked In, and your Facebook Page. (Don’t use third party apps for the first shares). Be sure your shares include an engaging image, a call to action, and a link to your blog post.

2. Share the image on your business’s Pinterest board and Instagram account. Include links to your post and tell them to click the link in your call to action.

3. Share a video to Instagram that invites your followers to check out your post. Remember, make it easy on them and include a link to your post in your IG bio.

4. Share the first half of your post as a Linked In published article. Include a link at the end that takes readers to your blog post (especially if you include a free download in your post’s call to action). Bonus points for switching out the image, rewriting the headline, and making the call to action a clickable link that says “read more.”

5. Share your post as a Facebook Note. Update the image and headline to keep things fresh and relevant.

6. Create image memes in Canva that use quotes from your blog post. Embed links to your blog post if you can, or add your blog post’s link in the comments. Make it super easy for our readers to find your post.

7. Share your post with your list via your email newsletter. Ask them to share it with a friend.

8. Create a Facebook Live video from your Facebook Page and talk about your post’s topic. Be sure to include a link to your post. (For bonus points, create a Facebook Ad audience in Ads Manager that’s based on the people who view your video. Retarget those people with a future Facebook ad).

9. Be sure to include all the social share buttons on your website so that sharing is a no-brainer for people who find your post organically.

10. Create a slide presentation in PowerPoint that uses points from your blog. Upload the presentation to SlideShare and publish it on Linked In. Include a slide that features a link to your post at the end of the presentation.

*BONUS TIP: Reshare your posts abundantly and often on all your social profiles via third party apps. Set up auto-share programs, such as CoSchedule or Meet Edgar, and let the apps do the sharing while you sleep.

Incorporate one or all of these ideas into your content marketing plan to get the most exposure for your content.

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