10 Ways To Get More Mileage From Your Original Content

Repurpose Content


Are you trying to find more ways to work smarter, not harder when it comes to sharing your content and positioning your brand?

The best way I know to get more exposure with less effort is to repurpose the content you’ve already created.

Don’t make the mistake of publishing your blog posts, memes, videos, etc., just once and forgetting about them. That’s a one-and-done marketing tactic and it doesn’t serve your higher goals. Think about it, you spend a lot of time and effort creating original content. The last thing you want is to make a one-time, simple splash; you want create a wave that causes ripples.

The best way to do that is to publish it on different social platforms over and over again.

For example, you can recycle your best sentences and ideas from a blog post or webinar, and use them to update secondary social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

Or, reformat a blog post and use it as a webinar script or an email.

Or, compile a dozen or so posts on a theme and make a downloadable, PDF ebook.

When you blast the web with your content, you create miles of momentum for your brand.

The word “content” refers to anything you write, create, post, tweet, curate, or share that is beneficial to your audience. Content promotes and positions your services, and attracts traffic to your website. Content should always instruct, inform, inspire, educate, and entertain your readers, and position you as a trusted authority and ally.


Here are 10 Tactics to Get More Exposure from Your Blog Posts:

  • Add images and graphics from your posts to your Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Include a link to your blog in your bio.
  • Write fresh, irresistible status updates on your social media channels and include a link to your blog post.
  • Use the main topic of your post as the focus of a webinar, and direct people to visit your blog to sign up.
  • Repurpose a post by creating a Slide Share Deck in Canva or Powerpoint.
  • Upload a quick, 3-to-5 minute video to Facebook that highlights your post and share the link in your status.
  • Tweak the headline and change the image, and republish your post on Linked In.
  • Share your post in your newsletter.
  • Create a graphic that spotlights must-know info at a glance and embed your link in your design.
  • Create a PDF of tips, check lists, or to-do items that you include in your blog post.
  • And finally, don’t forget: What is old can be new again! Mine your previously published posts for gems, add them to an image, and reuse them in social media updates.

You don’t have to start from scratch every time you sit down want to create content. Just revisit your previously published work and repurpose it in new ways.

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