Collaborative Writing Services

My packages include a full range of collaborative writing, copywriting, editing, and content marketing strategy. I can help you write manuscripts, your website copy, landing pages, opt-in free e-books, sales pages, course materials, Facebook ad copy, and custom projects.

Don’t see your project on my list? Ask me!

Packages include:

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Collaborative Writing for Self-published books

Self-published books are the new business cards for up and coming mini empire builders.

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Books are an ideal way to promote yourself, your methodology, or your brand. They position you as an expert and help you build prestige in your field.

Let’s talk about how I can help you make your manuscript better.

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Build Your Brand Assets

Build Your Brand Assets is a 6-month collaborative writing package where we will create the foundation of your brand:

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  • Jam on 2 strategy sessions to create and implement a marketing plan
  • Develop your core messages and brand voice to make content creation easier;
  • Review and renew the copy on your website and social media profiles
  • Write, design, set up, and promote a downloadable ebook
  • Establish your blogging practice and write at least 12 blog posts together
  • Create newsletter copy together and establish a regular publication schedule you can stick to

$7,500 in full (or 4 payments of $1,625)

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12-Month Copywriter-in-Chief

Copywriter-in-Chief is a 12-month package that includes all of the above features (if needed), plus support, collaboration, copyediting, and/or copywriting of:

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  • Up to 3 sales pages a year
  • Up to 3 drip email sequences (or nurture sequences), 8 emails per sequence
  • Up to 3 Webinar slide sets
  • Up to 3 video/audio scripts
  • Course materials for one online course
  • Review and refinement of your blog posts and newsletter (up to 50 posts, one per week for 50 weeks)

(This is a sampling of what’s included in the 12 month retainer, however, it is not an exhaustive list. This package can be customized.)

$10,500 in full, (or 6 monthly payments of $1,750)

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The List Magnet

Are you ready to position your brand as an authority and promote your work in a bigger way? Then you need to publish a downloadable e-book.

I love helping client write, design, and publish lead magnets that give away tons of value to their lists.

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Downloadable e-books are quickly becoming a must-have marketing piece for business owners. They help you build client lists and give you instant positioning and promotion of your brand.

Find out more about how we can work together to create your free download! Just click here.


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The Copy Clinic

Sometimes all you need is an ally to help you brainstorm or flesh out fresh ideas for a single product. Set up a Copy Clinic phone consultation anytime you need copywriting or content support.

You get one full hour to dive in, ask questions, and get the answers you are looking for.

You want to create content that says what you mean to say with clarity and precision. I can help!

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