Right People, Right Time, Right Message

Does your marketing send the right message to the right people at the right time?

I was recently reminded of the importance of sending the right message after I helped a client write her bio for the About Page of her website.

Part of my process when I work with a client is to ask several pointed questions so I can get a clear picture of their business and the type of clients they serve. I encourage them to be specific and detailed in their responses, the narrower the better.

My client’s original responses to my questions about her ideal clients’ needs were general and unclear because she was afraid to alienate potential clients. She wanted to cast a wide net to snag more fish.

Unfortunately, wide nets never really work.

As I worked on the first draft, my gut told me something important was missing. Anytime I can’t identify readers’ pain points and challenges, I know my client hasn’t dug in deep enough to know who their clients are. Her generalized responses made it difficult for me to relate to the people she was trying to speak to.

I sent her the finished first draft, knowing it was incomplete. I was disappointed with the outcome because I knew it missed the mark. She was disappointed with the draft, too, because she realized it didn’t really speak to the needs of the clients she loves helping.

So, we went back to the drawing board. I asked her several more questions that would specifically describe her clients and the outcomes she delivers to help them. Eureka!

The reason the first draft came out flat was because I had written the wrong message to the wrong audience. In my mind, her messaging was reaching out to new entrepreneurs in the start-up phase of their businesses.

Know Your Audience

The reality is, she serves seasoned entrepreneurs whose success has plateaued. What she needs to say to this audience is about how to scale their businesses and grow.

The two targets above have different needs, different perspectives, and different points of view. The content you use to reach them is vastly different because their needs are vastly different.

Does your marketing content resonate with your ideal audience?

Every piece of content you publish should position your brand and increase your exposure. You want to be seen and sought out by the people who need your help the most; the ones you can help get real-world results.

Your content should send the right message to the type of people you want to attract to your business.

Think about Apple, Wal-mart, Harley-Davidson, and even McDonald’s. Each one of these brands reaches out to a specific target audience in their marketing. You can probably envision each one’s target audience with little effort.

Now, consider how you are reaching out to your target audience with your marketing. Below are some tips to ensure you are taking the right action to reach the right people:

  • Make sure your content reveals why you are the best person to help your readers with their challenges. Make your voice unique and distinguishable from others in your field. Share stories and opinions that your readers can relate to, ones that set you apart and make you memorable.
  • Focus on your readers’ needs, and extend empathy and understanding so they know you truly “get them.”
  • Offer new insights and perspectives that benefit your readers so they position you in their minds as a trusted authority.
  • Make sure your content speaks to the types of clients you want to work with. Take time to identify specific characteristics of customers you love working with so you know who they are, what they need, and how you can deliver it.

If your marketing messages are splattered or vague because you want to talk to everybody, you will end up reaching nobody.

Although it seems counter-intuitive, to get more of the right people to hear the right message, you must focus on a narrower target audience and broadcast content that specifically benefits them.

Otherwise, your brand’s voice will be muffled by all the noise on the internet.