Boost Your Reach By Repurposing Your Content

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When I was a single mommy raising two wee ones, the weekly food budget was slim. To make our groceries last until the end of the week, I had to get really clever to find creative ways to get the biggest bang for my food buck.

I came up with a repurposing strategy to make the food in the fridge stretch a little further. Repurposing leftovers for me meant using one major food item more than once to make several meals.

Here’s one example of ways to repurpose roasted chicken: Buy a chicken roasted at the grocery for dinner No. 1. Use the chicken as a centerpiece of the first meal. (Chicken + Rice + a Veggie).

For meal two, use the leftover chicken for burritos (just pull the chicken off the bone, mix it with spices, beans, cilantro, cheese, and salsa. Scoop it into a tortilla).

For your third meal, make chicken noodle soup (Boil the remaining bone and parts of the chicken to make broth, add veggies and spaghetti noodles).

And boom! Three meals from one chicken. Like a boss!

I often reminisce about my days of culinary creativity when I plan ways to re-share a piece of content to get maximum exposure.

My goal is to get the most exposure and engagement I can by repurposing and republishing my already published posts. 

Below are some ways you can repurpose your content to get more eyes on it:

  • Refurbish a series of themed blog posts and compile them into an e-book. Use it with as an opt-in freebie.
  • Re-post a blog post and publish it again. (Don’t just copy + paste and publish. Take time to update it to avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines.)
  • Repurpose your posts into a Kindle self-published book and sell it on Amazon.
  • Revamp your notes from a webinar, public talk, or an interview and write an epic, value-packed blog post.
  • Recycle slides from a presentation or webinar and upload them to Slide Share.
  • Repurpose a video or pod cast by transcribing it, saving it as a PDF, and giving it away as a bonus gift in your next launch.
  • Reuse copy as a script for a Facebook Live Video.
  • Recycle data-heavy information into an info graphic. Hire a virtual assistant to help you create a cool, downloadable graphic.
  • Refresh an interview and use the recording in a pod cast or as an audio download. Later, transcribe it and share as a bonus offer. Still later, pull the best parts out and use them in your newsletter.
  • Repurpose your original images and create a carousel Facebook Ad or on Pinterest.
  • Reuse your most compelling ideas from a published blog for Tweets, Facebook updates, or on an image as a meme. Be sure you embed a link to drive traffic to your website.

Double-dipping squeezes more juice from your published content.

Another benefit of repurposing is expanding your reach to different types of prospective customers via different mediums. Some clients love blogs, others like to download audio files, and still others enjoy videos. Mix it up and experiment with different platforms.

Here’s a challenge for you: Pick an amazing piece of content you’ve created and already published. It can be a blog post, video, or a slide presentation from a recent talk. Jot down at least 3 ways you can use it to promote and position your brand in a new way.

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