Newsletters Reveal A Warmer, More Personal Side To Readers

newsletters are love notes


One of my private clients recently asked me why she should publish blog posts and email newsletters. “Why do I need both,” she said. “Aren’t they basically the same thing?”

The short answer is, no. Not really.

I talked about the power and purpose of blog posts in a post titled, “Why Your Blog is a Content-Marketing Engine.” That’s … click for more »

A One-Stop-Shop For Optimal Opt-in Downloads!

free downloads

When was the last time you paid attention to your freebie download offer on your website?

If you are like most solo-business owners, it’s probably been a while.

Do you remember how much you struggled to create your first valuable free offer? You invested time and tears to make your freebie because a marketing coach or business … click for more »

Marketing without a plan is a hit-or-miss tactic!

marketing plan


Imagine yourself blindfolded, standing in a dark room and throwing darts at a dartboard. Your chances of hitting a bullseye—much less the dartboard—are slim. You might get lucky and eventually connect, but who has time for trial-and-error tactics?

When you share content without marketing plan, you’re aimlessly tossing ideas and tactics at the wall, hoping something sticks.

I recently … click for more »

5 Quick & Easy Tips to Refresh Your About Me Bio Page

Write your bio

Why can entrepreneurs talk all day long about their services, their missions, their whys … but when it’s time to write about themselves they clam up? 

I believe it’s because we’ve all been told that shifting focus to ourselves is boring and narcissistic. I mean, is there anything worse than being thought a braggart?

But this … click for more »

10 Ways To Get More Mileage From Your Original Content

Repurpose Content


Are you trying to find more ways to work smarter, not harder when it comes to sharing your content and positioning your brand?

The best way I know to get more exposure with less effort is to repurpose the content you’ve already created.

Don’t make the mistake of publishing your blog posts, memes, videos, etc., just once and forgetting … click for more »

Your Signature Story Connects You With Your Audience

tell your story

Your Signature Story is the one thing that sets you apart from your competition.

The Internet is a noisy, crowded space where it’s almost impossible to get your message heard and your brand noticed.

To stand out and make a statement when other brands are shouting and shoving to get noticed, you … click for more »