Boost Your Reach By Repurposing Your Content

When I was a single mommy raising two wee ones, the weekly food budget was slim. To make our groceries last until the end of the week, I had to get really clever to find creative ways to get the biggest bang for my food buck.

I came up with a repurposing strategy to make the food in the … click for more »

Stories Make Your Messages Sticky + Unforgettable

stories in posts


Audiences remember stories because they’re sticky.

I borrowed the idea of “sticky blog posts” from Chip and Dan Heath, authors of the book Made To Stick.

They contend that “stickiness” is the magic ingredient that makes messages memorable.

Telling stories in your blog posts is one of the best strategies you can use … click for more »

List Building Secrets That Attract Ideal Prospects To Your Client List

Email List Builder


Here’s a hard truth: People don’t want to sign up for newsletters anymore.

The reason is because their inboxes are already spilling over with salesy emails and smarmy solicitations.

But, that’s doesn’t mean email marketing is obsolete. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Recent studies reveal that people check their inboxes at least once a day. … click for more »

Don’t lose your best ideas! Save them in a swipe file!

Where were you when your last spark of inspiration hit you?

How many Eureka moments have you lost because an idea flashed during the good part of your favorite TV show or while you were sitting at a traffic light?

Losing a great idea is almost as bad as losing a sneeze right before the big … click for more »

6 Secrets For Writing Better Facebook Ads

Just a few months ago, I started using Facebook Ads to promote my blog posts and free downloads.

I loved the results I got from ads so much that I created an e-book building package for my clients called The List Magnet. Facebook Ads are just one of the features.

My team and I have learned a lot … click for more »

The Biggest Mistake DIYers Make With Copywriting


I admire the hell out of entrepreneurs with “do-it-yourself” attitudes.

I think it’s because DIYers are a bold, enthusiastic bunch. They believe that with enough persistence and time, they can accomplish anything on their own.

“I’ll just do it myself …” is their mantra and badge of honor.

Their stubborn optimism and never-give-up attitudes transform their ideas into bona … click for more »