Beyond The Blog: 5 List-Building Strategies to Up Your Game

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Blogging is the single most important strategy for list building. 

  • Your blog is where you publish your original content.
  • It’s the foundation of your online presence & positioning.
  • It exposes your ideas & solutions to prospective clients.
  • It’s the ONE place online that solely belongs to YOUR BRAND.

However, blogging is not the only list-building solution. There are plenty of other strategies to incorporate into content marketing plan. Below are a few beyond-the-blog tips:

  • Comment on, LIKE, and share other bloggers’ work with your readers. Set a goal to visit at least 5 new bloggers’ sites a week.
  • Include an a link to a landing page so readers can request your lead magnet (free download) at the end of each blog post you publish, as well as on your site’s About Page.
  • Diversify. Share content via email drip campaigns, videos, podcasts, webinars, Facebook Live … Don’t dismiss the other options out there.
  • Publish your blog posts regularly and share them on your social media channels. Your consistency will build trust with your audience.
  • Repurpose your content and reshare it on all your social media platforms in staggered internals to hit more readers at different times of the day.

The key to list building is consistently creating and sharing valuable content.

Regardless of which platforms you use and the frequency you publish, the best tactics are the ones you actually use. So, keep the tactics that work for you and discard the rest.

But, be open-minded and try new list building tools. Why not explore at least one of the tactics above that’s new to you? Let me know your results!

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P.S. If you need help planning your posts, here’s a tool that can help. Click the image above to grab your free download.