How To Find & Appeal To Ideal Clients

identify ideal clients


A question came to me via email this morning about how to identify ideal clients. This is a challenge that I believe confuses a lot of  online business owners, especially ones in the start-up phase of business.

The email said: I have no idea how to get specific about my dream clients’ needs, wants, and pain points. I know these are important to attracting the right kind of clients for my business, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t figure out how to get inside the heads of the people I want to work with.”

Knowing your customers’ biggest goals and wildest dreams is vital if you want to create content that speaks to them.

But knowing what they want to achieve is just the beginning. You also need to know and understand the pain and obstacles that drive them to seek you out in the first place. They are looking for a way to deal with the things that gnaw at them on the inside: fears, confusion, and the overwhelm.

Appealing to people on an emotional level is a tricky business. And in my experience, there is no “light-bulb moment” where you shout, “Eureka! I think I’ve figured it out!”

I wish it were that easy.

The truth is, your dream-client profile will evolve as you and your business evolves.


Confession: I consistently revise who my ideal client-types are every year. That’s because who I am as a business owner and the type of work I do continues to evolve. And as a result, the client type that I’m best suited to work with changes.

Below is an easy exercise to help you figure out your perfect client-type.

(Remember, it’s not what you see on their outsides that matters most. What you need to focus on is the sore spots they hide on the inside.)

1. Daydream. Who is the most perfect, loveliest person you’d like to work with. Get a clear image of who this person in your mind. What does she care about? How does she spend her free time? Who does she want to become?

2. Demographics. What’s her age? Does she work outside the home? What books does she read? What characteristics shape who she is? These questions will help you narrow down your targeting to create your dream client avatar.

3. Create a Dream-Client Avatar Board on Pinterest. Or go old school and make a vision board with pictures from magazines. Do whatever feels right to you to create a visual representation of who you’ve imagined.

5. Know the words, quotes, ideas, and universal themes that resonate with her. You want to speak her language to connect with her in your marketing content. Try to get inside her head and really KNOW her.

6. What is her end goal? When she envisions herself being successful and flourishing, what does she see? Who are her role mentors and role models?

7. How can you help her reach her end goal? Make sure the solutions you offer are exactly what she’s looking for. Your job is to deliver answers that will help her reach her goal. Your solutions should align with the visions she sees for herself.

7. Write it out.  Grab your pen and a journal. Write out the questions she’d ask you if you were to meet for coffee. How would you respond? Act as if you are having a private, face-to-face conversation. Record everything that comes up in your journal. What does she most need from you? Listen to her and write down her responses.

That’s it!

Answering these questions will help you know how to speak to your avatar, and that’s where your marketing strategy to reach her begins. Try to open yourself up to whatever crazy, ideas, words or themes that bubble up. Remember, what YOU need and what your ideal clients need aren’t always the same. There will be crossover characteristics, for sure. But, it’s important to look outward toward your clients, not just inward, at your self.

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