A Dedicated Copywriter Could Change Your Business For Good

copywriter long term

How many times have you wished you could hand over your copywriting and content marketing duties to a dedicated copywriter you trust? Or at the very least, send them a crappy first draft to review before you publish it?

Wouldn’t your days feel so much easier if you could rely on an ally who knows you, your customers, and your business inside out?

It’s not that you can’t do the writing and marketing yourself. Of course you can. You are smart, capable, and you work hard, which is how you’ve achieved so much and created your successful brand. The truth is, you are finally at a point in your business where don’t want to do everything yourself anymore. You’d rather spend your valuable time focusing on the tasks you’re good at and delegate the rest to someone else.

What you really want is someone who will consistently support you, someone who has your back so you don’t have to do it all on your own anymore.

A Dedicated Copywriter Is Your Ally

Here’s the problem: You really can’t build this type of trust and support with a copywriter you hire on a project-by-project basis. You need someone who’s committed to your success. Someone who cares about the outcomes as much as you do and who’s with you for the long term.

I’ve learned that hit-or-miss marketing can’t produce the foundation you need to build a strong voice and presence online. To get real results for a client, I need time to understand their clients and time to dive into their brand’s story.

When I work as a dedicated Copywriter-In-Chief for my clients, I make it my job to know their businesses inside-out. My first priority is to tease out their core messages to ensure their marketing is clear and not confusing. I ensure I understand what they want and need most because I want a relational connection with my customers, not a transactional one.

That type of commitment takes deep focus, time, and dedication. One-and-done copywriting simply can’t deliver the same results.

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