Core Messages Make Creating Content So Much Easier

What is the best way to rid yourself of the angst that bubbles up when it’s time to create content? To start, you establish your brand’s Core Messages.

What are Core Messages?

Core Messages are the pillars that support your marketing strategy. They position you as an authority, help you connect with your ideal clients, and ensure your content is focused and clear.

Think of them as a compass; they help you navigate and stay on course anytime you create content.

Not sure how to identify your brand’s Core Messages? Here are a few clues:

  • The advice you share over and over again to anyone who comes to you for help.
  • The themes you come back to whenever you tell stories, share lessons, or illustrate points
  • The points you rely on to ensure consistency, and help you create a unique voice and style.
  • The things you never tire of talking about when you talk to your clients.

How do you narrow down your Core Messages?

Grab a scratch pad, a pen, and timer. Set the timer for 30 minutes and ask yourself:

  • What are my clients’ biggest needs, fears, and challenges?
  • What have I learned from my experiences and acquired knowledge that can help them?
  • Do I have favorite stories or examples I go back to again and again?
  • Which fixes, advice, and suggestions do I trust most to help my clients and get the results I promise to deliver?
  • What makes me unique? What am I known for? Why do my customers choose ME over my competition?

Now, take what you’ve mined above and develop 3 to 5 themes. Work with them until they become the foundation of your marketing strategy.

Core Messages make creating content so much easier.

The best thing about Core Messages is that you can use them to generate blog post topics, social media updates, infographics, photo memes — basically, everything you publish.

You can plan out your editorial calendar for the next six months by drilling down into each theme and pulling out topics that your best-match customers are searching for. Use the themes to create content that makes your customers’ lives better and solves their biggest problems.

My brand’s 5 Core Messages keep my marketing strategy focused on what I believe is most important for my own clients to know:

  1. Marketing is Service –  Marketing is like lighting a beacon. The people who need you most cannot find you if you don’t put your messages out there for them to see. You owe it to your clients to share content.
  2. Consistency is the Magic Bullet – Regularly publishing new content and repurposing older content builds trust, boosts traffic, and reinforces brand recognition.
  3. Storytelling Sticks – When you tell stories, you grab attention; you become memorable; you connect to readers by offering real-world evidence they can trust.
  4. Blogging is the Foundation of a Solid Content Marketing Strategy – Your blog is the one place where you’re the boss, and the spotlight is always on you. Blog posts are ripe with repurposing possibilities for use on your social media channels. Updating your status with links to your posts is like planting seeds that grow client lists. And income.
  5. Know your audience, know your offer – When you know the people your brand serves and what they need most, you can offers and products that help them find the answers they are looking for. Before you can truly serve the people who need you most, you have to know their fears, confusions, and the stuck places they fall into. You have to be clear about what makes them feel they’re drowning in uncertainty. Only then can you throw them life lines.core messages tool

Are you confused about how to find your Core Messages? Download this free tool to find the messages your brands needs to focus on in your content! Click the image above.