The Copywriting Help You Need When You’re In A Pinch

Copy Clinic $97

Have you ever noticed how, sometimes, all it takes to make a situation change is to decide to take one step forward, in spite of your doubt and fear?

Waiting and hoping for something to change is not a winning strategy. To win, you have to finally get tired of being stuck and decide that it’s time to take action.

Maybe you’ve been stalling on writing copy because you don’t know what to do or where to start. Or maybe you haven’t found a copywriter making the right offer at the right price point. Or maybe you’ve hesitated to move forward because what you really need is an ally to help you, to cheer you on, and to hold you accountable to yourself and your goals.

Well, my friend, now is the time to stop waiting! If I’ve learned anything from being in business for the past 6 years, it’s that amazing things happen when you have the courage to take one small action.


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If you’ve been stalling on a writing project for days (weeks??) because you don’t know how to move forward, or you’ve never felt ready to click publish because you doubt your skill as a writer, this message is for you.

I’m offering you an easy win, one that is guaranteed to deliver results, and quite possibly build enough momentum to break you out of your rut. But here’s the catch: This is an exclusive, limited time offer that’s good only through the month of June 2017. (June 1 – June 30).

For $97, you can buy one hour of one-on-one time with me so you can write your copy. And the best part? You get to decide how we use your hour.

My commitment to you is that I will help you get past the roadblocks that have kept you from taking action in the past when it comes to writing copy.

You might be thinking, “What can possibly get accomplished in an hour?

Well, in just one hour, I can:

  • Review and edit a blog post, or webinar slides, or social media updates and give you tips on how to get more mileage out of them.
  • Help you write copy for slides for an upcoming presentation or a Slide Share deck.
  • Review your script for a speech or a webinar.
  • Review your copy for your new Lead Magnet and find the mistakes before your readers do.
  • Help you write a “nurture email sequence” to new people who join your list.
  • Read through your sales page with fresh eyes and offer feedback that delivers results.
  • Read several pages of your manuscript for your self-published book and offer my initial impressions and feedback.
  • Review your website and offer you feedback on the copy.
  • You decide. If your idea isn’t listed, ask me. I’ll tell you what I can do in an hour to make your writing better, stronger, and more concise.

The Copy Clinic is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want or need to buy a comprehensive copywriting package. Because let’s be honest, sometimes all you need are a fresh set of eyes and some honest feedback on the project you’re working on.

This is an exclusive, limited-time offer. 

Starting June 1, you can buy a one-hour Copy Clinic coaching session with me for $97 that you can use anytime until June 30, 2017. You simply have to schedule a time that fits your schedule.

This is the final month that I will offer the Copy Clinic at this price point. I’m raising the price to $127 beginning July 1.

That’s why now is the time to act. Click here to get started! Pick a day and time for your exclusive, one-on-one call. I’ll send you more details about the package and an invoice so we can get your call scheduled before time runs out. I’ll also send a Pre-Call Drill Down Questionnaire so we can hit the ground running and focus on real results.

I know leaps like this can be scary, but I promise, when July comes around, you’ll wish you had acted today.

Have questions about the Copy Clinic Coaching Call for just $97? Go here and send me a message.

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