7 Title Templates to Get Your Posts Noticed

7 blog title templates


Blog post headings are like neon signs; their job is to get attention.

You should write them with two goals in mind: Enticing readers to click and read your posts, and to boost SEO by grabbing the attention of search engines.

Standout post titles are short, specific, and intriguing, and should ideally include at … click for more »

7 Calls to Action You Can Use Today!

Calls to Action


Noise, noise, noise. Doesn’t it feel as if all the content out there is nothing more than a bunch of noise?

Readers no longer have time (or the desire) to decipher all the messages.

Most people are overwhelmed, preoccupied, and distracted. You’re competing with overloaded calendars, stuffed inboxes, and tiny, tired attention spans.

What does this mean to you? Well, … click for more »

How To Find & Appeal To Ideal Clients

identify ideal clients


A question came to me via email this morning about how to identify ideal clients. This is a challenge that I believe confuses a lot of  online business owners, especially ones in the start-up phase of business.

The email said: “I have no idea how to get specific about my dream clients’ needs, wants, and pain points. I … click for more »

Blogging Establishes Authority & Attracts Ideal Clients

blogging and marketing

What’s the cheapest, most effective way to establish authority and attract more clients online?

Without question, it’s consistently publishing content on your blog and sharing it on social media platforms.

Yes, I admit it! I am a blogging evangelist—but for good reason. I believe in blogging because it gets results.

But to get real results, you have to do more … click for more »

A Copywriter Could Help You With That!

hire a copywriter


One of the biggest mistakes I see busy business owners make is trying to write all their own copy and create a content strategy all by themselves.

Before you start reciting all the reasons you believe you should always write your own copy, let me tell you about my client. Let’s … click for more »

Every Piece Of Content Has A Job To Do


We had just picked our seats, secured our carry-ons, and buckled ourselves in when the flight attendant announced a problem: “One of the de-ice mechanisms is malfunctioning, which means we’re stuck here on the ground. We need to swap planes so that we can get the lift we need to fly.”


I shook my fist at the … click for more »