Right People, Right Time, Right Message

Does your marketing send the right message to the right people at the right time?

I was recently reminded of the importance of sending the right message after I helped a client write her bio for the About Page of her website.

Part of my process when I work with a client is to ask several pointed … click for more »

Boost Your Reach By Repurposing Your Content

When I was a single mommy raising two wee ones, the weekly food budget was slim. To make our groceries last until the end of the week, I had to get really clever to find creative ways to get the biggest bang for my food buck.

I came up with a repurposing strategy to make the food in the … click for more »

6 Secrets For Writing Better Facebook Ads

Just a few months ago, I started using Facebook Ads to promote my blog posts and free downloads.

I loved the results I got from ads so much that I created an e-book building package for my clients called The List Magnet. Facebook Ads are just one of the features.

My team and I have learned a lot … click for more »

Newsletters Reveal A Warmer, More Personal Side To Readers

newsletters are love notes


One of my private clients recently asked me why she should publish blog posts and email newsletters. “Why do I need both,” she said. “Aren’t they basically the same thing?”

The short answer is, no. Not really.

I talked about the power and purpose of blog posts in a post titled, “Why Your Blog is a Content-Marketing Engine.” That’s … click for more »

A One-Stop-Shop For Optimal Opt-in Downloads!

free downloads

When was the last time you paid attention to your freebie download offer on your website?

If you are like most solo-business owners, it’s probably been a while.

Do you remember how much you struggled to create your first valuable free offer? You invested time and tears to make your freebie because a marketing coach or business … click for more »

Marketing without a plan is a hit-or-miss tactic!

marketing plan


Imagine yourself blindfolded, standing in a dark room and throwing darts at a dartboard. Your chances of hitting a bullseye—much less the dartboard—are slim. You might get lucky and eventually connect, but who has time for trial-and-error tactics?

When you share content without marketing plan, you’re aimlessly tossing ideas and tactics at the wall, hoping something sticks.

I recently … click for more »