7 Reasons Blogging Is Good For Your Business

blog for business


Blogging is the best way to connect and communicate with your perfect-fit clients.

Not convinced? Here are 7 reasons that might change your mind:

1. Your blog is your platform. It’s the one place you get to stand center stage, in the spotlight. It’s the best place to share your brand’s values, core messages, … click for more »

Beyond The Blog: 5 List-Building Strategies to Up Your Game

list strategies


Blogging is the single most important strategy for list building. 

    Your blog is where you publish your original content.
    It’s the foundation of your online presence & positioning.
    It exposes your ideas & solutions to prospective clients.
    It’s the ONE place online that solely belongs to YOUR BRAND.

However, blogging is not the only list-building solution. There are … click for more »

How To Find & Appeal To Ideal Clients

identify ideal clients


A question came to me via email this morning about how to identify ideal clients. This is a challenge that I believe confuses a lot of  online business owners, especially ones in the start-up phase of business.

The email said: “I have no idea how to get specific about my dream clients’ needs, wants, and pain points. I … click for more »