Newsletters Reveal A Warmer, More Personal Side To Readers

newsletters are love notes


One of my private clients recently asked me why she should publish blog posts and email newsletters. “Why do I need both,” she said. “Aren’t they basically the same thing?”

The short answer is, no. Not really.

I talked about the power and purpose of blog posts in a post titled, “Why Your Blog is a Content-Marketing Engine.” That’s … click for more »

10 Ways To Get More Mileage From Your Original Content

Repurpose Content


Are you trying to find more ways to work smarter, not harder when it comes to sharing your content and positioning your brand?

The best way I know to get more exposure with less effort is to repurpose the content you’ve already created.

Don’t make the mistake of publishing your blog posts, memes, videos, etc., just once and forgetting … click for more »

7 Title Templates to Get Your Posts Noticed

7 blog title templates


Blog post headings are like neon signs; their job is to get attention.

You should write them with two goals in mind: Enticing readers to click and read your posts, and to boost SEO by grabbing the attention of search engines.

Standout post titles are short, specific, and intriguing, and should ideally include at … click for more »

Why Your Blog is a Content-Marketing Engine

blog is a content machine


I’m on a mission to change the way you think about your blog.

Instead of thinking of your blog as just a platform for your posts, think of it as a content-marketing engine. Its mission is to attract would-be clients and promote your business, your services, and your expertise to the masses—even while you sleep.

Its job is to encourage your high … click for more »

7 Reasons Blogging Is Good For Your Business

blog for business


Blogging is the best way to connect and communicate with your perfect-fit clients.

Not convinced? Here are 7 reasons that might change your mind:

1. Your blog is your platform. It’s the one place you get to stand center stage, in the spotlight. It’s the best place to share your brand’s values, core messages, … click for more »

5 Ways to Make Your to Blog Posts Click-Worthy

clickable posts

How do you ensure your social shares in your newsfeed get clicked?

You make them click-worthy!

What’s the secret to a click-worthy post? You keep your readers’ biggest challenges and frustrations top of mind, then you share your answers, experiences, and know-how to solve their problems and ease their frustration.

You have to ensure what you publish benefits your … click for more »