5 Ways to Make Your to Blog Posts Click-Worthy

clickable posts

How do you ensure your social shares in your newsfeed get clicked?

You make them click-worthy!

What’s the secret to a click-worthy post? You keep your readers’ biggest challenges and frustrations top of mind, then you share your answers, experiences, and know-how to solve their problems and ease their frustration.

You have to ensure what you publish benefits your … click for more »

How To Declutter Your Posts For More Clarity

clear cluttered posts

“Hard writing makes easy reading.” — Wallace Stegner

“Easy writing makes hard reading.” — Ernest Hemingway

In other words: You have to declutter our posts.

Writing clear, concise copy takes effort.

You have to pick the precise words, put them in the right order, then edit … click for more »

How to Format Your Posts for Skimmers

formatting for skimmers


Be honest: When was the last time you devoted several minutes of uninterrupted, focused to time to reading emails, blog posts, or even a free e-book you downloaded?

If you are like most people, it’s probably been a while.

The fact is, most of us don’t have time for such luxuries.

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20 Irresistible Email Subject Line Fixes

email subject lines

E-mail subject lines are the first thing your readers see when they open their email inboxes.

If you want to entice them to open your emails, you need to make sure the subject lines you send are compelling, and that they pique your readers’ interests.

A subject line is one of the most difficult things to write (at least … click for more »

Core Messages Make Creating Content So Much Easier


What is the best way to rid yourself of the angst that bubbles up when it’s time to create content? To start, you establish your brand’s Core Messages.

What are Core Messages?

Core Messages are the pillars that support your marketing strategy. They position you as an authority, help you connect with your ideal clients, and ensure … click for more »