7 Calls to Action You Can Use Today!

Calls to Action


Noise, noise, noise. Doesn’t it feel as if all the content out there is nothing more than a bunch of noise?

Readers no longer have time (or the desire) to decipher all the messages.

Most people are overwhelmed, preoccupied, and distracted. You’re competing with overloaded calendars, stuffed inboxes, and tiny, tired attention spans.

What does this mean to you? Well, it means you have to work harder than ever to get your email campaigns and blog posts noticed.

And it’s the main reason why your have to deliver quick, beneficial solutions that address the problems that cause your readers to get eyestrain from staying up all night Googling.

Readers want more for less.

Readers want simple answers, and they don’t want to have to spend a  lot time searching for them.

They want a lighthouse shining a bright light in the dark so they can find a way out of the chaos and confusion into confidence  and clarity.

They want you to tell them exactly what they need to do next. The best way I’ve found to give them what they want is to include clear, concise Calls to Action (a CTA) in every piece of content you publish. That means you add CTAs to your posts, on your webpages, in your free downloads — all of it.

blog call to action

Calls to Action are specific instructions that tell your readers what action they should take next.

Your Calls to Action should be short and simple to understand, and they should include a specific action step to get the results readers are looking for. This one small tactic could be the difference between losing another passive reader or engaging with a new, passionate customer.

Below are 3 Calls to Action you can immediately include in your next blog posts:

  • Ask questions in Facebook groups and on Facebook Pages, then point them to a next step when you reply to their answers.
  • Create a free download that offers doable action steps that lead to results.
  • Insert a link to an opt-in page that invites them to join your private Facebook Group.

Calls to Action are specific, clear, and tailored to the needs, wants, and wishes of your best-fit clients. Never make readers to think too hard (because they wont!) or to have to search your site for what to do next.

Below, I created the Call to Action Tool that includes 4 additional calls to action samples to get you started. Click the image to download it and start inserting calls to action in your content today.

blog call to action