List Building Secrets That Attract Ideal Prospects To Your Client List


Email List Builder

Here’s a hard truth: People don’t want to sign up for newsletters anymore.

The reason is because their inboxes are already spilling over with salesy emails and smarmy solicitations.

But, that’s doesn’t mean email marketing is obsolete. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Recent studies reveal that people check their inboxes at least once a day. And click-throughs are  6 times more likely via an email than a Tweet.

The problem with email marketing is that too people people use it ONLY as a megaphone to sell, sell, sell. That’s the worst approach you can take. Instead, email marketing should be used to convert casual browsers into committed buyers by building trust and connection. Trust matters now more than ever.

The best way I know to build trust is via consistently communicating with and connecting to your readers. Engagement with your list with a sole purpose of giving away value that actually benefits your audience is where to start.

But here’s the rub: Email marketing is a long-game endeavor that takes patience, and persistence. Attracting the right people to your client list is a slow process that takes an investment of time, energy, and sometimes, money. This is why it’s important to focus the messages in your content on ideal leads for your list. In other words, you want to attract people who are interested in what you say. You want only those people who WANT to know more. Otherwise, you feel as if you talk and talk but nobody listens.

The key to adding only the most interested leads to your email list is consistently creating and sharing irresistible, valuable content that addresses the problems your dream clients wrestle with most.

But, creating content is only half the equation. You also must generously share it everywhere—over and over again—to ensure the people who are looking for your help can find you.

This is why you give away enticing, free resources that they choose to sign up for.

Free resources are win-win opportunities: They enable you to give away your best advice (a win for the reader), and they encourage people who need your help to get on your email list (a win for you)!

Not sure where to begin with free content giveaways? Below, are my top 5 tips to creating free resources that attract ideal leads to your list.

My 5 Step List Magnet Solution5-tips-reflect

Before you begin to write a blog post, a social media update, or a script for a webinar, consider these 3 questions (I call it the 3 W’s):

1. Who’s It For?

This is probably the most important step of my 5-Step List-Magnet Solution formula. Knowing who your perfect-match, dream clients are will help you create a tool that’s specific to them and that meets their needs.

2. What Problem or Frustration Troubles Them Most?

Determine what problem perplexes your dream clients’ most. What’s a challenge that you can help them solve, based on your experience, learning, knowledge, and wisdom? Certainty around how you help your clients is powerful because it instantly positions you as an authority and an ally they can trust.

3. What’s Your Easy, Unique Solution?

The solution you provide in your free download should lead them to an easy win and instant gratification. It should inspire them to take the next logical step in your sales funnel. This is why simply sending them a dated manifesto or a “Mission Statement” doesn’t work. You want them to be excited to  invest time and effort in your free download because it will lead them to the solution they are looking for.




After you form a clear idea about the 3 W’s above, you need to spend time thinking about your freebie’s structure. Choose ideas and concepts you will focus on, then decide how to fit them together in an organized format that flows. This will become your writing outline.

Include different sections and sub topics, and develop tasks and exercises to ensure your readers are engaged and that they invest skin in the game, rather than being just passive, disinterested readers.

Include elements of your signature story, as well as your clients’ success stories; ask questions; offer solutions; and remember to lead your reader on the journey. Reassure them that you’re the guide who will be with them every step of the way. If you need help telling your story, click below to download a free storytelling tool!

Your download’s conclusion should bring your reader full circle and include a Call to Action. Remind them where they are now and where they can go next if they use your tool to continue making progress. Don’t forget to add your Call to Action that clearly leads to the next, best step they can take. Tell them exactly what to do next.

Finally, your last page of your free resource should include your brief bio, as well as your contact information and links to your social media profiles. You never know who might forward your e-book to a friend. You want whoever reads it to be able to find you easily.



Now it’s time to put the pieces together to create an original, professionally designed, branded, downloadable freebie.

Your download’s design is so important! It’s what makes the biggest impression on prospective clients. Good design communicates to your readers and takes your download up a notch. You don’t want a freebie that looks as if it was thrown together 10 years ago. Poor design tells your readers that you don’t care about them or your brand’s image. If you want to give them an a tool that wows them, it needs to be something special.

Go the extra mile and hire a professional to help. It’s worth it. Enlist the help of someone who understands graphic design and can incorporate your brand’s colors, fonts, and style in the design. You want them to also include images that support the content you write to avoid a wall of words that can be intimating to readers.

And please — this is important, too — be meticulous about your e-book’s title, its cover image, and the images your designer includes on the “inside” pages.




Setting up automated delivery of your download will save you and your readers time, frustration, and missteps. Automation is vital; it’s what makes list building in your sleep possible.

You are too busy and too distracted with other running your business to devote time to:

  • Writing customized responses every time someone completes a request for your e-book
  • Sending out download links in solo-send emails
  • Making time to add prospects’ names to your email list manually, one at a time
  • Sending thank you emails after every prospect downloads your e-book
  • Creating a landing page so readers can easily give you their names and get on your list
  • Setting up a nurturing email sequence that continues to deliver value and builds trust

Automation does all this (and more) for you. It enables you to create the process once, so you can move on to other important tasks. When it’s done right automation takes care of itself, which means you’re happy and your prospective clients are happy.

Another win-win.




All your hard work will be for naught if no one knows how to find your amazing new ebook. The movie Field of Dreams got it wrong: It’s only when you build it (and promote it) that they will come.

You have two options for getting exposure for your opt-in: organic (free) sharing on all the social media channels (which takes time, energy, and commitment) or promoted (paid) sharing with ads. Either option works; it depends on how much money or time you want to invest.

Now, you  know my 5 Step List Magnet Solution to create fantastic, free resoures that attract the best leads to your list.

Yes, creating valuable tools such as e-books or checklists is a lot of work. But, the good news is that you don’t have to do it on your own. 

If creating a new free resource offer from scratch feels overwhelming and impossible, if you’ve struggled for hours (days?!?) and still can’t figure out how to do it on your own, I have a package to help. It’s called The List Magnet Solution.

Seriously, if creating a free resource is giving you fits, we really should talk! Click the image below to find out more about how The List Magnet can help you build your email list on autopilot.