About Me

About Glad DoggettI’m a content crafter and copywriter, and I specialize in helping small business owners like you conquer the frustrations of trying to write your own marketing copy and website content, newsletters, blog posts, sales pages and e-books.

I know how important it is to say what needs to be said, but in your own voice. You’ve got a message that’s uniquely yours, right? One that needs to connect with your ideal clients.

My job is to help you write the copy that keeps you connected with your clients.

I see marketing as service—as something you can happily embrace. After all, it’s how you shine a spot light on your business. It’s how your right people easily find you in the cacophony of online voices. And it can be painless and easy. (Promise!)

A little about how I started
In college, I studied English and Communication, however, I pinned on my real writing stripes in the corporate world as a writer and editor for UPS Airlines. After a stint in corporate communications, I stepped out on my own.

Since then I’ve been a copywriter, a freelance writer and editor, a writing tutor, a college-instructor, and even a writing coach.

What does all this mean to you?
It means I’m uniquely suited to help you write your copy. My breadth and depth of experience make me an invaluable asset to your team. Consider me your private marketing department, your personal writer and editor, and your go-to communicator when it’s time to share your messages in a bigger, bolder way.

I believe clear, concise, expertly crafted marketing content is the best way to connect with your ideal customers.

When you tell stories that position you as a thought-leader and expert, your sphere of influence expands.

I’m here to ensure that happens for you.

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