Buy An Hour Of Time With Me For a Copy Fix

Sometimes, all it takes to improve your situation is to decide to take one step forward. To try something new in spite of your doubt and fear.

Waiting and hoping for something to change is not a winning strategy. To get out of a stuck place, you have to finally get tired of spinning your wheels. … click for more »

Right People, Right Time, Right Message

Does your marketing send the right message to the right people at the right time?

I was recently reminded of the importance of sending the right message after I helped a client write her bio for the About Page of her website.

Part of my process when I work with a client is to ask several pointed … click for more »

No More Excuses: 5 Writing Prompts & A Planner To Get Started!

You know that feeling you get when a client says your work made a difference to them?

It feels great to know what you do is worthwhile and helpful.

Getting feedback like that is like filling your gas tank with premium fuel.

Just last week, one of my clients sent me an email that said: “Glad, your blog … click for more »

Top 10 Tactics To Promote Your Posts

promote content

“What do I need to do to ensure my blog posts get the most exposure to the right people?”

I get this question a lot when I start working with people.

Here’s a quick list of 10 action steps you can take TODAY to instantly get your posts in front of more people:

10 Tactics To Get … click for more »

A Dedicated Copywriter Could Change Your Business For Good

copywriter long term

How many times have you wished you could hand over your copywriting and content marketing duties to a dedicated copywriter you trust? Or at the very least, send them a crappy first draft to review before you publish it?

Wouldn’t your days feel so much easier if you could rely on an ally who knows you, your … click for more »

How To Write An Instant Money Maker Email

I have an instant money-making experiment I’d like you to try next year:

I want you to figure out what your ideal clients really want (and need), and then create an offer that’s so small, so value-packed, and so inexpensive that it’s almost impossible for them to say … click for more »